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Flexible Sourcing for Headache-Free Purchasing

At Grandview Gallery, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our retail partners to bring fashionable, affordable lighting to their customers. We always keep best-sellers in stock at our three U.S. warehouses for partners who have an immediate need for our high-end designs. If you’d rather order straight from the factory, Grandview also offers an efficient container-direct program. All Grandview designs are available to mix containers. With just one purchase order, we’ll take care of the rest.

The Grandview team works around the clock to make sure your purchasing experience is painless. Have a problem with your order? We are proud to maintain some of the industry’s fastest customer-service response times. If your carton arrives with anything missing or damaged, we will quickly ship out a replacement so you can fill customer orders sooner. Our expert team is always thinking of new ways to take care of our retail partners, whether through our leading designs, flexible solutions, superior service or expansive infrastructure.

How We’re Able to Deliver

Our in-house creative team painstakingly designs every detail of our industry-leading lighting. Then, the magic continues at the factory, where the designs come to life. Grandview posts highly-trained staff on the ground near our factories to manage the production and make sure each item meets Grandview’s superior quality standards. After they approve the products, Grandview’s team expertly manages logistics from the factory to our partners’ doors. At every step, our dedicated team works to deliver quality products and unmatched service to partners around the globe.