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Turnkey Solutions for Projects Big and Small

Grandview Gallery works with your designers to achieve that ideal aesthetic and price point. After collaborating with Grandview on the luxury lighting for your next big project, partners can leverage our end-to-end capabilities by ordering directly from our factories. If you want that Grandview glow on a smaller scale, we can seamlessly integrate your order into our drop-ship program.

We’ll do whatever it takes to help our partners grow. Grandview’s designs are completely customizable so you can make an unforgettable first impression on your guests. Plus, discover how your favorite product lights up your space by requesting a production sample. We’ll give you a taste of your selection before you buy multiples so you know exactly what to expect. Throughout our partnership, you can count on Grandview Gallery to deliver efficient response times and innovative problem-solving.

How We’re Able to Deliver

Our in-house creative team painstakingly designs every detail of our industry-leading lighting. Then, the magic continues at the factory, where the designs come to life. Grandview posts highly-trained staff on the ground near our factories to manage the production and make sure each item meets Grandview’s superior quality standards. After they approve the products, Grandview’s team expertly manages logistics from the factory to our partners’ doors. At every step, our dedicated team works to deliver quality products and unmatched service to partners around the globe.